Winter is coming

We have had the most extraordinary winters over the last two years.

Locked down by Covid, protected from overseas visitors bringing in the flu and supported by constant hand washing, hand sanitising, mask wearing and physical distancing, we have largely escaped the Flu and Winter Cold seasons of years past.

But most of these barriers have now been dropped or "exhaustion" has seen their use dwindle and that means there is a very real prospect of a very severe Flu and Winter season.

As one barrier drops, another must be implemented and we recommend that the prudent and proactive action to take is to Immune Boost your system to help protect yourself and your family against the Flu and Winter ills.

Widely recognised Immune Boost products such as Bioceuticals Armaforce and Ethical Nutrients Immune Defence as well as many of the Ethical Nutrients Probiotics have shown great efficacy in boosting immunity leading to less sick days with less severe cold and flu symptoms.

Get your Flu shot, take your Immune Boost tablets and enjoy the coming Winter in good health.

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