About Us

Our Pharmacists and staff are friendly, approachable and available at any time to help you with all your health and beauty queries.

Shani, Lena, Michelle, Lauren, Marisa, Louise and Marc provide a wealth of information and knowledge to our valued customers every time, every day. With two Pharmacists available at almost all times, there is always the opportunity to ask our Pharmacists anything you want to know about your prescription medicines or about your health.
Shani runs our Dispensary and counsels our patients on their prescription medicines. Shani is also an accredited Pharmacist which qualifies her to do your Home Medication Reviews.
Lena is our Primary Care Pharmacist and is on the Pharmacy floor to advise you on your health concerns and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your conditions.
Lena specialises in Nutritional Medicine and can expertly advise you on the most appropriate complementary treatment for your conditions.

With over 46 years of service between them, Angela, Julie and Janelle have been providing valued help and trusted advice to our customers for more years than many can remember. Whether it be what type of foundation matches your skin colour best or which vitamin will give you a lift, which baby bottle to use or which sunscreen will protect you the most, how to choose reading glasses or which wash is best for your skin, our expert Pharmacy Assistants have all the answers.

Come in and ask someone you know and trust or just come in for a chat.