Wound care

It can be very confusing choosing the correct dressing. They come in all shapes, materials and sizes, all with different properties and purposes.

Our Wound Care Service is suitable for people who;

  • Are squeamish with blood,
  • Unsure of the correct dressing or method to apply,
  • Or can't easily access the wound.

Slow healing or incorrectly dressed wounds can lead to infection which can progress to ulceration. That's why our Wound Care Service is popular, and particularly important for our elderly and Diabetic customers.

Wound Care is a Free Service

Our caring Pharmacists are trained in First Aid and are comfortable dressing your wound for you. We will clean and dress your wound and advise you on after wound care all in our Private Consulting Room purposefully built for wound care. Please note that dressings used with this service are not included in our Wound Care Service. Please call or enquire at the Pharmacy for this service.

Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy – Where you don’t need a prescription to see our Pharmacists.

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