Medication Review

  • Having trouble managing your medicines?
  • Have unanswered questions?
  • Taking more than 5 prescription medicines OR have had a recent medical event?
  • Less than ideally controlled Type 2 Diabetes?

You may qualify for a FREE ‘Medscheck’ performed in the pharmacy. This involves a 30-40 minute consultation with one of our trained pharmacists. Please ask if you qualify. If you don’t qualify, you can still make an appointment with our knowledgeable Pharmacists for a small fee. A thorough, in Pharmacy review of all your prescription and other medicines can be conducted, yearly, free of charge under the Medscheck program.

Many health conditions change over time and new medicines are released constantly. Instructions for use and reasons for taking are often forgotten or confused over time.

Better health is realised by taking the right medicine in the right dose and the right time and this is best reviewed yearly by your Pharmacist.

Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy – Where you don’t need a prescription to see our Pharmacists.

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