Weight Management

We all want to be healthier and the most important step towards a healthy life is a healthy weight.

Excess weight puts pressure on all our body systems and all our joints. The risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, high cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis are all increased as weight increases above healthy levels.

We all now what is required to keep to a healthy weight or to lose weight but if it was easy, then no one would be overweight. Yet so many people are. So many people need help to lose weight.

Our caring, trained Pharmacists can help you by providing you with advice, support and weight loss products that will help you gradually lose weight and become healthier. Because we always have two Pharmacists on duty, there is always one Pharmacist who has the time to spend with you, explaining the differences between shakes and tablets, which formula is best to start with, how to effectively use the products, how to cope between meals and what to do when you are hungry

There is no charge for this information and all the support you require from us.
Our reward is a happier and healthier you.

Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy – Where you don’t need a prescription to see our Pharmacists.

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