Diabetes Education

Our pharmacists can help you to properly manage your diabetes to reduce your risk of developing the health complications that can arise from Diabetes.

Diabetes Medscheck Program

As well as providing on-the-spot advice and education, Noranda Feel Good Pharmacy also runs a FREE Diabetes Medscheck program. This free service is available to anyone with diabetes who is taking at least five regular medications, or has been recently been in hospital, or has recently been diagnosed with a new health condition.

A Diabetes Medscheck involves a one-on-one consultation with one of our pharmacists, and it focuses on:

  • Answering any questions about your medications or health conditions
  • Identifying any problems you have with your medicines including side effects, difficulty using the dosage devices, etc.
  • Increasing your knowledge about your medicines and health conditions

Phone us or visit us in the pharmacy to find out more information or to book an appointment for a Diabetes Medscheck.

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