Work absence certificate

Our caring, trained Pharmacists are able to provide you with an Absence from Work certificate if your condition warrants it.

The guidelines that dictate the issuing of these certificates are very strict and limit the scope of practise under which a Pharmacist can operate.

You will be asked to fill in a confidential form to ensure that our Pharmacists have all the information they require to determine whether your condition falls within these guidelines. They will then discuss your condition with you in our private consulting room. If appropriate, they will issue you with an Absence from Work certificate. If not appropriate, they will explain to you why they can not issue a certificate and refer you on to a medical doctor.

Medical Certificate Consultation Service

The cost of our service is $30 for the initial consultation used to determine if the person qualifies for a Medicate Certificate and if so, then for the issue of the Absence from Work certificate and for providing related advice as required.

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