Flu Vaccinations

Our Pharmacists have been protecting the Noranda Community from circulating Flu by vaccinating patients for over 5 years.

Traditionally, we get the Northern Hemisphere Flu starting as early as April in WA. As the Influenza Virus is an ever-changing virus, the Flu shot often changes from year to year so YEARLY vaccination is essential.

The yearly Flu shot is made in Australia once the laboratories have decoded the prevalent strains of Flu Virus and the vaccines are usually available from April onwards. Medical authorities recommend vaccination as early as possible so that the public have time for their immune systems to prepare for the Flu season onset.

Vaccinations for patients under 65 years of age cost $24.95.

Vaccinations for patients that qualify for NIP - aged 65 years and over, those with specific chronic diseases, pregnant women etc can be accessed FREE from your GP but if you prefer to have your vaccination in the relative comfort of our Pharmacy, we charge a $14.95 vaccination fee as we are not rebated by the Government or Health Funds.

You must be well on the day and you must stay in the Pharmacy for 15 minutes after the vaccination to ensure there is no after reaction.

We have plenty of vaccines in stock and are vaccinating on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursday, Fridays and Saturday mornings.

Please phone 92766460 to book an appointment or come into the Pharmacy - we might even be able to vaccinate you right then.

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