Traditional Chinese Medicines

Chinese medicine, often referred to as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), dates back as far as 700BC and has been used ever since, accumulating a large amount of empirical evidence to back it’s claims.
TCM is based on the fundamental theory of Yin and Yang, that one balances the other and that a holistic approach will open up the lines of Chi or energy that when blocked, impair the body’s own ability to heal itself.

TCM predominantly uses herbs that have a holistic, energetic and pharmacological effect on the body. As such, they can often interact with modern day pharmaceuticals and should not be started until a practitioner or Pharmacist who has knowledge of both TCM and pharmaceuticals is consulted.

We have Pharmacists with specialist knowledge in both those areas at Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy.

At Noranda Feelgood Pharmacy, we recommend the Oriental Botanical range, because it uses a specific extraction (hydroxyethanolic) method to produce extracts that are 3-5 times stronger than other TCM products.

Come in and see any of our Pharmacists if you would like some advice and treatment with TCM.

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